Recorded program showing up on recorded list on one iPad but not another

I posted a problem yesterday about bones showing up to be recorded on the Guide. And the schedule list, but did not show up on the recorded list. when I checked my wife’s iPad the bones recording is in fact there. I check my iPad it’s not there. I restarted my iPad multiple times and the Tablo is on the latest update. Our Tablo has been working flawless until this latest update we are now having problems.

@mb190e Disconnect from your Tablo on your iPad, and hit the Edit function (located in the top right of the app) and tap ‘Delete Tablo’. After this, you’ll be prompted to scan for new devices. Follow the prompts and go through the syncing process again - this won’t affect any of the data on your Tablo. Let me know if this solves your issue - we’re investigating this on our end.

That did the trick all fixed thank you.

Looks like this may be a reoccurring problem I now have 2 iPads that it won’t connect. registration error have to delete it, reconnect with the Tablo and re-sync

@mb190e We’ve tested this issue, but so far we haven’t been able to duplicate it. Can you send me some details at - just how often it’s happening, if it’s on specific recordings, channels, etc.

Okay I have an update I’ve narrowed it down to Apple time capsule dropping the Wi-Fi connection randomly. I have downgraded the firmware on the time capsule and fixed the channel for 2.4 GHz per some information I found on the Apple support fourm. it seems to be working better now. Before whenever I started the Tablo app on my iPad, I would get a little box with a Messages that said “lost connection reconnecting” I thought this was normal operation now that I’ve made the firmware downgrade on the time capsule no longer get the message from Tablo it stays connected. Even working through the couple Wi-Fi issues I’ve had. I’m loving Tablo cut the cord.

Awesome. I had similiar issues with my airport extreme dropping WiFi constantly. I finally sold it and got this