Recorded episode count

When I view my recorded programs I see the total number of the episodes recorded for each show in the upper right corner of each show’s icon.  However, for one show, The Last Man on Earth, there is no number in the corner at all.  I waited a second week and a second episode recorded fine, but still no number.  The recordings play back fine and I don’t see any error message, just no count of the number of recorded episodes in the corner of the icon.  Seems odd since I have a dozen or more other shows recorded and all others have a number.  Thought I’d ask anyone else has run into this as well.  I’m guessing the first attempt to fix it would be to delete all the show’s recordings and try scheduling it again

Open a support ticket. They’ll remote in and get to the bottom of it. Likely will result in a future firmware fix.

The number in the corner is the number for unwatched shows, not total number of shows recorded.  If you are playing back the episode to check it, I’m guessing it’s marking it as watched

Oh, that makes sense, thanks.  I notice that you get an option to mark an episode as unwatched.  The number then comes back :slight_smile:  All is working as designed, I just didn’t understand the design :wink:  Thanks again!