Record Shows: Current Season Only

Saturday Night Live (SNL) labels some previously aired shows as NEW.
These are edited shows from other Seasons; Tablo naturally records them.
So, on Saturday nights I end up with 2 shows.
The really NEW show and old (now new) show. 90 minutes and 60 minutes, respectively.

Is it possible to have a setting that only records shows from the Current Season?

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That’s not something we support today (as you’ve found) but it has been a semi-popular request.

We’re almost due for another customer survey so make sure to request ‘record by season’ on yours!

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Will surely do!
Thanks for your always prompt responses.

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I support this request.

If you live on the west coast SNL has 2 broadcasts of the same show - one “live”/“new” and one a rebroadcast of the same show not marked as “new”…

The tablo guide description has both labeled as the same episode. Whether their real metadata has the same episode number is unknown.

So does tablo list these episode numbers the same.

There are also special SNL programs that are new compilations of skits from previous years - like the SNL for mothers day. These could be listed as new.

It would seem that the new and nodups option could control some of this.

I am in central time and SNL has a 9-10 PM episode from previous years (the upcoming one is from Dec 2000). Then it has a 10:30 - midnight episode from the current season. Both are marked “new”, even though the first one is in the category “other seasons”.

As I said the west coast is special.