Record show only on this station

Local broadcasters have a tendency to not put series info in their descriptions of their shows, especially news shows and cartoons. I have a case like this where a show is showing on four stations at the same time. Since there’s no series info, tablo records all 4 at once, tying up all the tuners and making it near impossible to watch a recorded show at the same time.

To fix this problem, I want an option that says only record this show on this station, regardless. This is slightly different from setting a priority of stations request that I saw other people making, because it would never record on alternate stations.

If you don’t use the alternative channels delete them from your channel lineup. If not , delete them from your record schedule. You could also manual record for time and channel.
Not elegant but not difficult.

The channels aren’t duplicates of each other, so deleting them from the channel lineup is not an option.

I have been deleting them from my record schedule, but that’s tedious and never ending. Constant manual intervention kind of destroys the whole purpose of having a Tablo, don’t you think?

You should still be able to watch a recorded show at the same time. Recorded shows don’t need a tuner. But live shows would be a problem.

Wait, what? One can do this? Please link me to how, I can’t seem to find this functionality using the UI on a browser.