Record Series only on one Channel

Hi Everyone,

Like many antenna users, I have a number of duplicate channels - an ABC affiliate in Boston and an ABC affiliate in Providence both give me great high quality high def broadcasts, with only minor alterations in programming schedule.  However, it poses a problem on my Tablo 4-Tuner:

When I go to record a series that happens to appear on both channels, clicking on “Rec All” actually selects all of the shows on both channels (so, essentially, recording each episode twice, since it appears on each of the two channels).  This raises two questions that I’m hoping you can help me with:

  1. Is there any way to record all shows of a particular series, but only those that appear on a single channel? (For example, record all episodes of Family Guy that appear on Channel 1 only?)

  2. When one selects “Rec All” does this in effect create an ongoing Series? So, in other words, as new shows get added to the guide, will those automatically record as well?
Thanks for your help!
  1. Not at this moment, but it is one of the high priority items that should be fixed soon.

    2. Yes, it does, as well as Rec New.  For instance, I have Sleepy Hollow as Rec New.  No new episodes are scheduled for a while, but when the are shown, my Tablo will record them.

yea this is a particularly annoying issue with syndicated shows that show up on multiple channels… where its only reruns so the “new” doesn’t work … but I too can’t wait for them to fix this issue…

This is a big part of the smart recording stuff that we’re working on. You can expect to see these upgrades soon :slight_smile:

Thanks, @TabloSupport!  Looking forward to these upgrades.  

I know this is an old thread and assume nothing has changed, but curious if this feature request is still on roadmap, and/or if anyone had developed any reasonable work-arounds?

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The only workaround I’ve found is to manually change the channel for which the episodes record. Or you can de-list the channel that you don’t want the show to record from, that way there is only one channel.

I m having the same problem: I wanted to see if an additional series recording feature could be added. When selecting to record a series, where I receive two OTA channels that can record the same show, I would like to be able to select which channel to record. Currently it selects the lowest number channel and I have to manually make any changes. I live between two major cities and am fortunate to pull channels ABC, NBC, etc. from both locations, but would like to be able select recording from one over the other when there is more than one option. On a side note, I have been using my Tablo since last spring and after it meeting all of my requirements, I will be cutting the cord in a month after our contract expires :smile:!!! Thanks.

I have requested it. Even though I have new only, it is new on each station. I don’t know if it or Dolby sound comes first. Either would be good and both would be great.