Record schedule flakiness, and UI ambiguity

So, this morning I went to watch a news show which I’d set to “record”, but it was missing from the Recent list. So, were all the other shows I had to set to record in the morning.

On the schedule, it was not shown with the orange underline and dot, which indicates a show set to record.

So, I click on the slot, and see it IS set to record. Or seems to be. There is small lettering next to a clock icon and it said "Record All Episodes, Keep Last 3.

It took a sharp eye to notice, though, that underneath that, All Episodes was not in Orange. (All Episodes, New Episodes Don’t Record - all in white.)

There are TWO places that you have to specify what episodes to record?! Why on earth?

Hopefully, this saves somebody else the hassle.

If you have to use the SECOND “all episodes” control on the page to get it to actually record, what is the purpose of the FIRST one?

When I went back to the Recent list, now the show is there. Along with some OTHERS from this morning that had been set to record. I suppose that’s a different issue. Was it a slow “sync” to the cloud? Why would this have to sync to the cloud? Isn’t my record schedule kept locally?

I initially was quite happy with how easy it is to set-up series recordings. But one aspect now is driving me nuts, and that’s that you can’t go back before “now” on the schedule, nor go forward more than 24 hours. That makes it very difficult to set-up a schedule for weekend or shows that are on a specific day. You have to schedule it within 24 hours in advance of the show, or else you won’t be able to navigate the guide to the day that the show is on.

I am on the 30 day free trial. Does that make a difference?

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What he said ^^^^ … Also as another 30-day-n00b here, I’m having trouble permanently-deleting-with-extreme-prejudice the unwanted/flakey-reception/wrong-yagi-direction channels which keep resulting in null olympic recordings. The screen says “add these channels to the guide” and I can check whatever channels to add, but I do not see how to subtract. Probably it’s another menu.
Speaking of unambiguous UIs, how about a CLI command to do a manual recording old-school VCR helical-scan style:
“./tablorecord thurs 8pm-10pm channel4 repeat” .
(If tablo team were to provide such a VCR-like CLI, I would also gladly run a nostalgic script that flashes “12:00 AM” every couple seconds in a nearby shell window.)

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It’s not a CLI, but did you know you can schedule a manual recording old-style via the web interface?

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The Tablo doesn’t sync to the cloud. It has its own database that gets copied over to your client (on the clients that still have syncs).

The best way to schedule shows is not on the 24 hour live view but instead use the Prime Time/Tv shows/Movies/Sports tabs. Just search for the show, and you can easily set up a schedule.

The "Rec"button sets up whether you want to record all episodes of a series or just new episodes. Or you can record episodes individually. The options button is there to set up how many episodes you want to keep and the start and stop times (by default it keeps all and starts and stops on time). The options button is to supplement the other two ways of recording and cannot be used to set up the schedule itself.