Record Extra Time

I’d like to see an option to add a set amount of time to the end of a single recording or series recording, in 30 minute increments.  For example, perhaps I want all baseball or football games to record with an extra hour at the end in case of extra innings or overtime.  I realize this can be done with the manual recordings now, but it would be much more convenient to be able to just add a set amount of time to each recording.

Also, I don’t suppose it’s possible to record sports based on a specific team, is it?  I could see that being difficult or impossible for you to do, but would be very nice if it was possible.


@Blazgrim - We’re working on a feature to automatically extend time on ‘live’ events like sports so stay tuned! 

And it is potentially possible for us to create a smart scheduling rule to say, “Record all Lions games” but it would require some fairly complex programming. Interesting concept though and I’m sure lots of spots fans would be into this! Thanks for the idea :) 

On a related topic, since sporting events do run over, this effects the recording of shows that air after the game, ie my wife loves amazing race, but during the Football season a game can run say 35 min over. Then 60 mins comes on and runs 35 min over, when the recording of my wifes show starts it catches the end of 60 min and the begining of her show and then nothing. So in the past (with Cable) I have set up Amazing race to record and extra hour or hour and a half.

The suggestion works both ways.