Recommended internal Solid State (SSD) for Tablo Quad?

I’m getting ready to setup a Tablo Quad and want to use an SSD drive internally. Can anyone recommend any brands/models of SSD that work well with the Quad?

Why? It’s not going to run any better/faster.

I’m not necessarily concerned about better/faster performance. It’s an experiment to see if we can get an SSD to last longer than a traditional drive. About once a year the drive fails completely and needs replacement (we’ve tried numerous brands).

I’m using an external 4TB. It’s lasted a couple of years so far. Heat is your enemy.

There must be something else going on.

Don’t most USB external drives have a warranty of 2-3 years. I have two that have been spinning around for 5 years.Of course they are placed as far away as possible from the tablo unit.

I’ve been using a Seagate Expansion 5TB external drive without any problems since Tablo upgraded their firmware back in 2015 to allow drives larger than 2TB. I agree with @FlyingDiver that heat is your enemy and an internal drive is going to get much hotter than an external drive. Additionally, my Tablos sit on a laptop cooling pad to help reduce the heat they generate.

We’ve been keeping the drive away from the Tablo unit (and never stacking anything on the drive). The last drive that failed was just a few weeks out of warranty, which was definitely frustrating. We’ve started working with support to have them look into our older unit to see if there is anything that might have been causing fails. We’ve had the original Tablo for years. We’ve got a new Tablo Quad coming in as a replacement coming in a few days anyway. I’m sure everything will be just fine after we get the new one set up. Anyway, thanks for everyone’s feedback.

My 2 tb Seagate portable usb drive has been going over 5 yrs on my Tablo and is still working just fine. (It has been on laptop fan with the Tablo for most of that time)

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Is this based on more than wishful thinking? Drives in external enclosures aren’t really different than bare drives you purchase.

You could buy surplus WD Elements enclosure off eBay and use what ever drive you choose, it didn’t really matter to the controller interface.

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Yes, it is based on wishful thinking, The other Tablo is older and replacing everything with new hardware will more than likely straighten everything out. I understand there isn’t really a difference between external drives and internal drives. This isn’t my first time working with hard drives. We’re choosing to put a drive inside the Tablo because it’s one less thing cluttering up the cabinet. Anyway, if I encounter anything interesting or have further concerns, I’ll update this thread. Thanks.

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Specs and suggestions are here:

We don’t include SSD suggestions because they are pricer than the spinning options. But as long as you stick within the required specs you should be A-OK.

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I’ve been running this model
for a couple of months now and it’s been working flawlessly. It was on rebate for 90$ CDN recently too. It’s half the price off an SSD with same storage capacity

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