Recommend post deletions and corrections (result of license change)


As a community, the forums are a strength and a weakness. Many times in these forums, especially for those on a different DVR platform or considering a different platforms (ok, Tivo) were warned about their license model vs. the Tablo. But, one of the main benefits has now been removed by Nuvyyo, but somebody searching the forums could be mislead.

So… maybe time to search and correct or remove posts that boasted about something that is no more (?)

Just an idea to save future customers from being mislead with inadvertent (now) bad information that we the community may have encouraged.


I think the distinction still needs to be very clear because it’s still fundamentally different from TiVo in that you can replace a unit and not have to buy the lifetime again. It’s only when using more than one unit that things are different.


I agree about corrections, I don’t agree about deletions. When a company deletes stuff it looks like they’re trying to hide it. Tablo made this change, they need to own it.


Actually, and partly due to Nuvyyo (but maybe not anymore?), Tivo has change some of their restrictions, but sometimes done by device, etc… I have Tivo friends, and they like some of the changes (positive moves) they’ve made (but other moves, like their new UI, not so much).

Interesting times… reminds me of when Plex doubled the price of Plex Pass (while many are mostly over it, there are still a lot of people, many years later, that still complain).