Reception, can tuner be at fault?

I have the original 4 tuner wifi tablo that I recently put back into service at my new home.
Roof HD antenna installed and originally tested with TV connection (no tablo) to confirm working. Main channels (CBS, abc, NBC) seemed to be coming in fine. Very casual test.
Since hooking to tablo network, I’ve been getting reception issues (we’ve been having some inclement weather in our area) with an annoying amount of digital noise disruptions. I added an extension to my antenna (claims to add 30 miles of coverage) but issues continue… so much for dropping another $70.
Before I getting “professionals” involved, was wondering if the tablo system could be at the cause of this, and if not, what is the best method proving that it isn’t while still connected? Would like to avoid a finger pointing scenario.

So sorry to hear you’re having reception issues! Following these troubleshooting steps should help:

Our support team would also be happy to take a closer look and see how they may be able to improve your experience. You can reach out to them here: Tablo Support | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo