Rebooting tablo once a week... cannot find previous device

Tablo quad user, with ROKU and iOS playback devices. It seems like once a week, my playback devices loose the ability to see the tablo. Roku2 (x2), iPad, iPhone - they ALL lose the ability to see it. Removing and reapplying power to tablo is the only thing that has consistently returned function.

I have DHCP reservations fixed for Tablo and Roku devices. Tablo and Roku are all hardwired.

I’ve dug through the forums looking for other best practice suggestions, and have found none that seem to apply.

Anyone else seeing this regularly? Recommendations?

That sounds like an overheating issue to me. I would place the Tablo on its side or put some kind of cooling pad under it.

Should have covered that. Device is already on it’s side. Ambient temp is like 60F. I’ve tried all the common best practices that I’ve seen…

You look like you have everything correct, so I would just open a support ticket. The Tablo folks can look at you logs and hopefully find what is wrong.

Maybe look into the Ethernet cables used? Router used (maybe location for the Wi-Fi)? Do you have a strong Wi-Fi signal going to any wireless device?

@kc0czi Definitely open a ticket with our support team, if you haven’t already. We can take a look on our end and see what’s going on.