Reboot or reset?


Hi, I just bought a used TabloSPVR4-01-NA. Now I try to do the configuration.

I first tried to detect the device with the ethernet cable, but it does not work. So I read that a “reset/factory reset” could help to start from scratch.

I tried to following procedure :

at first step
“1. Reboot your Tablo DVR by tapping and immediately releasing the blue reset button on the back of your device. Let the Tablo boot up for ~1 minute. The reboot is complete once the blue LED stops flashing.”

The blue light never flash, it is always on.

So I thought, maybe to unplug the device and plug it again could help.
the orange and the green LED behind flash slowly (2 or 3 times), it stop (3sec), both light start flashing again( 2 or 3 times) and it finished with the green LED flashing very fast alone. (The blue light always open when device plugged)

I also tried to press for a long time on the reset button (7sec, 20sec or 1 full minute), no impact on the blue light.

I still have 10 days to return it, do you think the device is simply broken or does there is a special trick to make it work.


Hopefully Tablo Support will reply tomorrow, but it sounds like a bad unit or at a minimum a bad power supply. Tablo Support may be able to remote into the unit and provide additional guidance, but I would suggest returning it. Obviously there is something wrong with this unit.


(I don’t know if my adapter got a problem, but here is the details.)

power adapter:

  • input 100-240v 50-60hz 0.58A
  • ouput 12v - 2A


Those are the correct specifications, but several people on this forum had this same problem and some were able to fix the problem by purchasing a new power adapter. I can’t guarantee that will fix it, but if you have another power adapter with the proper connector and specifications you might give it a try.


There have been so many reports on bad power supply issues I invested $10 in a spare “just in case.”


Fridays are my reboot/restart/backup everything day…it is a good habit to get into. With the Tablo I just tap the blue button in the back of the unit.


Backup and redundancy is a necessity I understand. What’s the logic or rational with the reboot/restart everything - weekly? …just asking


Even seemingly well performing software can contain bugs, which cause issues over time.
Rebooting a system brings that system back to a known good state, whether it be a computer, router, Roku, etc.
Hardware type, and software versions affect necessary reboot frequencies.

We had MS Windows NT Servers that were either rebooted once every 30 days, or would slow down, and crash soon after 30 days of uptime.
We were unable to find the root cause, we just dealt with the symptoms.

However, I found the following, which might be related to our MS Windows NT crashes.
MS Windows 95, and 98 suffered from a bug that would crash the OS after being up for more than 49.7 days.
The GetTickCount() function returns a computer’s uptime in milliseconds.
The value is a 32-bit unsigned integer.
The maximum value is 49.7 days.


Over a 30 day period… generally things get shutdown or restarted, but weekly - just because?

I don’t completely agree with all your points, but don’t disagree enough… just one point,

If the software contains a bug, and you reboot it… the software still contains a bug?

As you noted with your Windows dilemma, I take the stand, just restarting doesn’t fix anything if you just make it go away temporarily.


Of course it does.

It does indeed, it fixes the time the system will be rebooted to be under your control, not whenever it feels like it. :slight_smile:


Hi, I just bought a new one(power adapter) from tablo. Now I must wait for the shipping. Does anyone know how much time it could take for a delivery from/to canada from the tablo cie?

(I have a limited period of time to return the device.)


I’m sure it will depend on where live. It’s my understanding that they maintain a warehouse in the US for US sales, but I would imagine it would take a minimum of 3 or 4 working days to receive your shipment, again depending on where you live.


Has your power supply arrived? These orders are usually around 3-5 business days.



Yes I receive it, so it took 3 days in total that’s fast.

But unfortunately, I tried it and I did not get the expected flashing blue light.

I still have a permanent solid blue light.

I tried again to disconnect the device, pressing on the reset button for a short time or a long time and nothing change (with or without the Ethernet cable or harddrive connected).

I think I’m forced to conclude that the device is broken and I will have to return it(except if someone still have an idea). thanks for all your help guys.


Maybe. And without getting it online it’ll be difficult for @TabloSupport to diagnose.

Where did you purchase the device?