Reboot forever on 2.2.8 upgrade

How long does it take to update from 2.2.7 beta 4 to 2.2.8? It downloaded, installed, and now the rebooting circle just spins. If it is still spinning after 30 minutes, I will go press the button and reboot it.

I believe it depends on how many recordings you have.
I have very few, so my upgrades never take more than a few minutes from beginning to end.

Of course, I only have 7 channels to record from, so someone please start playing the background pathetic violin music now…

I rebooted it manually by unplugging. @TabloTV A suggestion for the future firmware updates: Create a shell script and kick it off when there is nothing scheduled to record and not being watched. Perhaps 3 AM or something would work.


I like the update on off hours comment.

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