Really long load times

I have a Roku set up that is taking about 4 minutes to load or refresh the Recordings list. First read takes about 4 minutes and if you delete something just watched it take about 4 minutes to rebuild the list.

Wireless network, Roku 3 and no other problems noted on the network. Everything else seem to run fine.

Suggestions on trouble shooting the problem or ways to fix it?


So the Roku itself does not sync with the Tablo after you delete something, it pulls info on the fly. You need to navigate to say Live TV and then back to Recordings to get the info to update.

So order would be:

  1. Delete the episode.
  2. Go to Live TV guide.
  3. Go back to Recordings.
  4. Go to the show, you’ll see the episode is no longer listed.

I don’t think this is 100% accurate. I remember deleting episodes on the Roku, and it would automatically back me into the recordings tab, the list would refresh instantly, and it would rebuild the listing of all my shows. I never would leave to another tab. I think what you are describing only existed in the initial release.

It rebuilds the list so the episode is not listed, but the number icon at the top of the tile for the show does not update unless you back out to Live TV and then back to Recordings.