Re-recording old episodes that have been watched and deleted

This is getting a tad annoying. And I know I’ve asked about this before, but now it is impacting me.

One of the benefits of going OTA and cutting the cord is that I discovered old favorites of mine, such as NYPD Blue. It seems to be broadcast almost all the time and I’ve got about 178 episodes recorded. (ah, the good old days of 22-episode seasons).

After finishing Season 1, I deleted it. Now it’s re-recording and filling up my hard drive with stuff I don’t want. I have not got all the episodes of all the seasons, so I can’t stop recording yet. Is there some way to not re-record watched episodes of programs I’ve set to record? I also can see there is a perfectly valis use case for re-recording such programs… so … :confused:: what to do?

The only way I know of is to keep the ones you watch or turn off recording. It is not smart enough to do what you want. BTW 22-episode seasons in not the good old days. I have all of the Rawhide episodes and most of those are 32-34 episodes/season. (and I did watch all of the NYPD shows last year) Cheers

I would imagine this is an issue with all DVRs.

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Would be nice if past recorded, watched and then deleted shows could be “ghosted” until explicitly re-requested.

Maybe you could define what you think ghosted is. Are we talking about something like Casper the friendly ghost or something out of The Exorcist or being move from prison to prison with no prior notification?

How about like Nicole Kidman in “The Others?” Or Bruce WIllis in “Sixth sense”?