Hello Everyone. I’m not that new here, Just not been around for a very long time. I have several specific question. Thinking of switching from a TiVo Roamio (which has worked wonderfully for me) to Tablo 4 Tuner with about a 2tb drive. First question: Has anyone made this switch and how did it work out for you? Second question: I have 3 Apple TV4s. What has been the experience of using the “Siri” remote to control everything? Thanks in advance for any answers.

We switched from a TiVo Roamio almost exactly a year ago and have never looked back. I was just tired of paying $14.99 a month to TiVo and not even having real great “not the primary TV” device support without having to pay additional money for Minis, etc.

A little background, everything ends up in Plex for us right now. So we are running the 4 tuner Tablo but just have a 1TB drive attached to it because overnight Tablo Ripper pulls stuff off the Tablo and puts it on the NAS for Plex (which gets backed up). So, things are only on the Tablo drive temporarily.

The fact that all our devices (Android, Windows PC, Roku 3, Shield TV) can access Tablo live TV (via the Tablo app) and recorded content via both the Tablo and Plex (if watching the next day after it’s been pulled to Plex overnight) apps without any additional investment in hardware is very satisfying.

I can’t speak to your ATV or Siri issues as we are an Android household. For us, Tablo has been a good move, especially with TiVo seemingly on their way out of the hardware business.

I will point out if you are looking to try Tablo for whatever reason it looks like Amazon has the 4 tuner for $192.81 Prime right now ( which is a great deal considering it’s usually $299.99 and right now that puts it about $5 more than the 2 tuner version. Wish that deal would have been available when we switched last year!

I’d be happy to answer any specific questions you have as best I can.

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