Re-connect while remote

I have used the Tablo for 3 months. I am an electrical engineer and have setup my home (FiOS) router as per the Tablo instructions to enjoy a solid REMOTE viewing experience.

It works most of the time, from any device and anywhere in the US, but every once in a while - like today - it is no longer connected and since I am not home, there is no easy way to connect it.

When I get home next time I’ll install a work-around - just add an internet connected power on-off switch to both the router and the Tablo and that way I can perform a “power cycle” from remote.

This is however not a very elegant way of getting connectivity and it may also not fix the problem.

This is a public question to Tablo - since I have seen a lot of people have the same issue as I have.

To be clear: This is NOT an issue with my HD or my streaming devices or my home network or my antenna or my WiFi signal strength - please spare me those questions.

This is about the Tablo’s sw being incredibly unstable compared to virtually ALL my other internet connected devices in my “smart home”. I have 3 video cameras for example, and during 2 years, I have not once lost connection to any of them - 2 of those are cheap Chinese models working on a chinese app on my iPhone - solid as a rock.

I love the Tablo interface and functionality - when it works - what are you guys doing to

  • make the WiFi connection solid?
  • automatically reconnect when loosing connectivity

For example - why can’t you pretend I am at home and give the instructions to re-connect to the WiFi using the stored username and password as if I was giving the instructions from my iPhone…

Just have a logic instruction to run that program after 1 minute of not being connected to the internet…

Please tell me you are working on a solution make the Tablo behave like a normal “smart home” device.




A lot of the old threads were people losing remote viewing after a WAN IP change, however Tablo updated the firmware to resolve this issue. I haven’t had to re-pair a device in over 6 months.

Every time my modem or router reboots and I get a new WAN IP, the remote viewing keeps working. So I’m not entirely sure if your issue with not being able to connect remotely is related to the Tablo Connect (aka remote viewing feature). What if you get home and can’t even connect to the Tablo locally? The issue may be different than you think.

Unless people at home can still use the Tablo?

I have updated the Tablo firmware - just last week - there are no later releases

The Tablo won’t be connected when I get home - when I reset it and reset my router - everything will work again

Again - only the Tablo lose the connection to the internet for me, I have

  • 3 video cameras
  • 2 internet door locks
  • 2 internet garage door openers
  • 1 internet alarm system (with many devices)
  • 4 climate sensors
  • 1 Nest
  • 10 lights…

They are either on ZigBee or WiFi or private wireless interface - what they have in common is that they don’t lose their connection to the router…

@pjnygren Have you been in touch with our support team? We’d be happy to take a look & see what’s going on.