Re-assigning tuner error

Starting yesterday, every time a new recording starts any other current recording is being interrupted. They begin again after a short time but it results in what should be a single recording being split into two recordings.

I have a 4-turner Tablo & I am 100% positive there is or should be a turner available. This morning I was watching a recording with nothing else recording or being watched. When a new recording began, the recording I was watching stopped & said something like the connection had been lost due to the turner being reassigned. The recording I was watching was complete so obviously it didn’t get split into two & the new recording began, & all I had to do was restart the recording I was watching but this is really inconvenient & there is no good reason for it.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

What playback device are you using?

Fire TV

Have you tried rebooting your router, Tablo and Fire TV in that order?

@rccolts That’s pretty odd. Can you send our support team a ticket? We can look at a few things from our end and sort this out.