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Continuing the discussion from Tablo – #@$#@:

So, let’s see now. Purchased my Tablo for $175.
Nexus player for $50.
Toshiba 1 TB for $50.
Discounting router/modem previously purchased for TW cable and antenna system which is required for ANY OTA cable cutting.
So for $275 I get to view my favorites at MY convenience plus zip thru endless mind boggling commercials. Yes live TV is a pain but a clever maneuver with one of my ten available fingers sends me to my TV input for instant channel switching. In any event if it’s worth watching it’s worth recording - duh.
Bottom line - luving the Tablo experience.

PS. Unable to get it to “shit all over itself”. Did I miss some recent update?

Continuing the discussion from Tablo – #@$#@:

Continuing the discussion from Tablo – #@$#@:

I’m concerned the original poster might have had something … well something not typical. Perhaps a bad unit, bad “something”. Anyhow, many of are well pleased with our Tablos, so you have to think that something was simply amiss somehow.

Btw, my first Tablo had some problems, exchanged it and everything has been fine ever since.


Why? That thread isn’t locked and this one doesn’t contribute anything worth it’s own thread.

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