Randomly lose picture/goes to splash screen, but still have sound

Hi, I am a new user with the 4-tuner Tablo and a Toshiba Connect 2TB hard drive.  I’m streaming to one Roku 3 and two Roku streaming sticks.  Everything seems to work as advertised, except after about 2 or 3 minutes of watching a live TV program on the streaming sticks the video is lost and I get the Tablo splash screen (same as when starting up the Tablo app on the Roku), but I still have the TV program audio.  If I pause, and then play again the video returns for a little while (less than a minute) but then it does it all over again.  Seems like after about 10 minutes of fighting with it, it stops doing that.  

I haven’t tried the Roku 3 player to see if that has the same problem, but I will try this weekend.

FYI I updated the firmware when I was prompted to upon installation.  

Tablo device: 2.1.24
Roku: 3500X, version 6.1 build 5609

Any suggestions?

This is a known problem. It has happened with others using other channels than Tablo so we think it’s a Roku firmware issue.

Tablo Support is investigating. Search the forums, many posts about it.