Quirky deletion problem!

Happens whenever I try and delete a show that has multiple episodes recorded and try and delete them. Have a Roku Streaming Stick on WiFi.

Went in a couple of times over the weekend and had this happen. When the box pops up and ask delete watched or delete all, I selected all. The screen would immediately go to the connecting to Tablo screen and eventually kick me out. I would have to go back to the Roku network screen and reconnect to it. Then I would eventually get back in and see that only one of two episodes was deleted. Then I would try and delete the remaining one and it would kick me out again, and again I would have to go back to the Roku network screen and reconnect again. At this point both episodes were gone but what a pain getting it done.

Should have never been kicked out and have to reconnect again because I never really lost the network. It was just Tablo requiring this step before it would work correctly.

Interesting. I have a Roku Streaming Stick as well (2nd generation), and I was able to delete all for two different shows with no issues. The screen would show a blank box where my show used to be on the list, and then the box would go away about 2 seconds later.

No issues here… I just deleted over 100 episodes of The Twilight Zone I had recorded and watch. Did a delete of all, and tho it took a while, had no problem.

@lgb62 Peculiar - and it sounds like it’s reproducible. Can you send a copy of your post to our support team? We’d like to check out your Tablo’s logs.