Questions around commercial skip (CS)

I’d like to better understand the relationship between watching a show that qualifies for CS, and CS getting processed. For example:
➤ Does watching a show before CS has finished interfere with it getting processed?
➤ When viewing a show before CS has finished, how can I know when CS has finished?
➤ If CS does finish while a show is viewed, what needs to happen to see the skips
(e.g. do I need to stop the show and refresh the list of recordings)?

#1 watching does not interfere witrh CS

#2 You don’t know. But after a while you have a good idea of what is in your CS processing queue and how long it takes to process. based on number of recording and size of the recording.

#3 You just have to pause the recording and back into the previous menu and then resume play. Or at least that’s what I do. tablo is a DVR so if I’m in that much of a hurry to watch something just recorded I must not be that interested in CS for that episode.

A bit more info for #2

In most apps you should see a yellow checkmark and message that the recording is ready:

It’s really hard to see the CS status in the episode description when viewing unless one pauses the recording and backs out. Or at least I haven’t discovered a way unless one sits around with multiple connects to the unit. And omicron hasn’t driven me that crazy.