Questions, advice on streaming devices

I’m new to Tablo, so please forgive my very basic questions.

  1. While I have multiple TVs, at present, I have only one Amazon Fire TV device. I was under the (mistaken) impression that I could receive Amazon programming that would then be sent to all TVs, but I was obviously wrong about this. So, the question…given that the Fire TV device is located “downstream” of my Tablo device, I’m thinking that there is no way to record Amazon programming on my Tablo, right?

  2. Looking for an opinion from the Tablo community. When choosing a streaming device for my additional TV’s, it would seem logical to use the same device for all TVs so that the operation would be identical from one location to the next. On the other hand, having multiple devices might offer additional programming choices. Any thoughts?

  1. You are correct. The Tablo only records shows off your antenna and nothing else.

  2. You will be fine either way. I have two Rokus and one FireTV connected to my tvs because I wanted to see the differences. My Rokus have two apps that my FireTV doesn’t, but my FireTV is a bit more powerful. It just depends on whether you get all your streaming needs satisfied with one box type or not.

Depends on what “programming” you are seeking. For instance, the Nvidia Shield TV, while arguably the best performing streamer on the market, is missing a few notable streaming sources, notably Amazon Video.

In my experience, figure out what you want to be able to watch, then pick a device.

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