What happens when a show you want to record starts late due to something a sports event or whatever going long?

unfortunately youll miss the following recording by x amount of minute the previous goes over.

That’s what I thought, but was hoping for a different answer. I’ll just record the the next hour to make sure I get my show.

However, I know @TabloSupport or @TabloTV mentioned that either the last firmware or the next will include adding additional time to live shows. But, this brings up what about adding time then to shows that start after those live shows… And when does the time need to sync back up?

I know sometimes shows are already in progress after games, but not always… 

The latest firmware includes ‘add time to live recordings’. It will add 50% of the scheduled time of the live event, up to 2 hours. 

So if the football game is scheduled for 3 hours, if you have this enabled it will add 1.5 hours of extra recording time on the end. 

It will not extend the recording time of a show that’s not marked ‘live’. 

The best way to grab all of the stuff that follows a football game is to set a manual recording for a block of time during and after the point the show is supposed to air.