Question on thumbnails or not

I was wondering why some skipping has thumbnails so you can see where you are, and sometimes you have to go by “time”. I guess I would like to know if I have any way to control which one happens.

I believe if you’re watching a completed recording it should have thumbnails, but if you’re watching while there is still recording to go, or just after recording completes, no thumbnail. I assume there’s a level of processing the Tablo has to do to generate, and that’s not compiled until after the recording is done.


Well, that makes sense. Thank you for responding.

@sothatsit - Matt is correct. Generation of the FFW previews happens by processing the recording again through a tuner AFTER that recording is complete. So, the recording must be over and you must have a tuner free after that recording is complete for you to be able to see the previews.

Maybe 1 time out of 100 to 150 recordings, thumbnails may not be generated. And you could wait until the end of time and for that particular recording the thumbnail won’t be generated. All new recordings have thumbnails generated. And since my tablo hasn’t been re-booted since the installation of 2.2.2 it’s not caused by interrupted generation due to a re-boot.

Is there a general rule for how long this should take? For example, say a half hour 720p program?

In my experience, with the previous rev of firmware, I’d occasionally see a failure to have generated thumbnails by the following day… with the new 2.2.2 firmware, I’ve only seen that happen only once so far, so my impression is that thumbnail generation success is much better with the new firmware. In rare cases where thumbnails fail to generate, I FF while watching the time, estimating that most commercial breaks are about 3 minutes.

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I’m very happy with my tablos, including thumbnail generation. I just hope new users don’t get freaked out if one doesn’t get generated once in a blue moon. Live with it and move on. There are bigger fish in the sea.

Amen, Zippy! I occasionally have missing thumbnails, and I never watch while recording. Regardless, it seems some people are trying to hold Tablo to a level of perfection that doesn’t exist with our computers, phones, cable, satellite, Dish,etc. Like the original poster of this question - I’m trying to better understand how/why some glitches occur, but that doesn’t affect my overall satisfaction with the product. I visited this forum before my purchase & some of the negativity caused me to delay a few months. So happy I decided to ignore the grumbling & buy mine anyhow.

In the case of a time when thumbnail generation never happens, it’s usually because there’s errors in the broadcast stream during some point of the recording.

I think you should high light the word “usually”. That’s not the case I’ve described or seen. In fact I’ve seen thumbnails generated for recordings from the one station I receive with a supper weak signal and these had so many artifacts in the video stream that it was basically unwatchable.