Question on the movie guide

New to Tablo and so far, so good. Just have one issue (at this point) and am hoping someone can give me an answer.

When I look at the movies listed under that tab, it does not give me any option on watching or recording. What am I missing here?

The movies are future movies so it should allow you to record.

What app are you using? iPad or Chrome browser on desktop?

I’m using iPad.

There is no “record” option like there is with live programs. 

You can record… This is a browser shot but looks the same on an iPad, just scroll down

OMG…so red-faced. Thank you so much for helping me! (Isn’t it amazing I got it all set up and got this far???) LOL

@sothatsit actually my first thought was it may be pretty, but not enough detail maybe in how to do these things :wink: @TabloTV and @TabloSupport maybe there should be a way in the UI to show users they can scroll down??

I can see how this would be confusing… 

Since this is a 1 time event vs. an ongoing series it doesn’t have a record all/record new area (which is up at the top). 

In the spirit of ease-of-use we should look at tweaking this.