Question on guide subscription

I have been using Tablo for a year without a guide subscription. I only record a few shows but I’m considering cutting the cord to my cable and purchasing a guide subscription. With the guide can I specify to record only new episodes of a program and will it recognize it when the show airs at a different time than it usually does?

Tablo will do exactly that… you can record all or only new episodes of a show. If it comes on at a different time, it will still record the show. If a show moves from one network to another, say, CBS to TheCW, Tablo will still find and record the show. As a bonus, with a subscription, you can have out of home viewing so you can watch live or recorded TV anywhere in the world, when your router is properly configured.

Hey @Winch we’ve got some details on on recording scheduling here that will show you all the options we have for subscribers: