Question For Tablo Developers

Over the past few years, I’ve seen where a severe problem requires a total reset of the Tablo thus losing whatever shows had been recorded.

From your knowledge of the Tablo’s architecture, would it be possible to write a program that can extract all the recordings from a disk that has been moved from the Tablo to a PC? Even if the Tablo is not available, can the data be exported off the drive attached purely to another computer?

Or does the Tablo’s architecture militate against any data extraction off the drive without a live Tablo? Just a theoretical question for a future utility…

Personally I extract all my recordings weekly so as to never be in that situation.

Pretty sure you could do a direct disk extract. Easier on a Linux box than Windows or Mac, since Tablo uses ext3 or ex4 format partitions, which would require installing third party drivers.

Using the API to extract them over the network is easier.

Offline extract is something I’ve thought would be handy.

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