Question about the possibility of two Tablos

I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the Tablo Dual Lite. I’m thinking two tuners will get me by, but if not, can I get another Dual Lite and have that on the same network? Do they integrate content or if not, how does one access them? Is there some sort of selection for each Tablo on a network? Thanks.

Can’t say for the “new” ones, but the old ones it works just as another device. You disconnect (using UI, but that’s as far as the “integration” goes) from one device and connect to the other. So… not integrated. It’s very much “two” Tablos on the network. I sort of consider my pair of 2-tuner Tablos as “his” and “hers”.


Ok, thanks.

I consider them “mine and mine”.


And I just bought a 4 tuner OG to start with and don’t even have to deal with this. :grinning:

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:grin: me too

Well, I got a pretty good deal on the one I got and I wanted to see how well it worked. No big deal, it was just a question.

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I have 2 Tablos connected to 2 different antennas on opposite sides of the house, both are hardwired to network. I use Tablo to access OTA in rooms where an antenna lead is impossible but a network connection (either wired or wireless) is available. I like the flexibility and have a backup of sorts.

Sorry if that came across as serious, was just messing with you.

Nah, no worries. I thought about the 4 tuner model, but at this point I only need the two (and got a discount on the 2) and just wondered if I could ‘upgrade’ by adding another at some future point.

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