Question about setting recordings

@TabloTV, so here is a question that came to me today.

I can’t setup recordings for future shows, outside of the 14 days of guide data. But what happens to to my recording settings when the show ends for a season? As an example, Rookie Blue is no longer on, it’s season ended. Will that still get picked up for next season? Does that stay someplace???

And if it does, how about shows that have been canceled and will never come back? Is that data that should be removed?

This may help.  I had a recording set for Sleepy Hollow (all new) that I set back in April.  There was no new episodes all summer, but when the fall started, the shows started recording again.  

I also had Dragon Ball Z recording, and that is no longer on the air.   I ended up just deleting the schedule for it.  All my recordings are still on disk.

You should be able to see all your schedules on the schedules tab, whether the show is active or not.

@snowcat, ok, I just looked in scheduled and I do see Rookie Blue thanks.

@jestep - We retain your recording request until it’s deleted. 

Sorry to resurrect an older thread but I felt it better than starting a new one for the same topic.  I just had this thought because shows that have ended for me are not on my scheduled tab anymore.  It seems to me it only shows up there if there is anything (new or rerun) scheduled in the next 14 days.  Am I wrong and they should be there so when a season ends I should still see it even if there isn’t any showings in the next 14 days because I am not and I didn’t unschedule them.  It’s only affecting shows that have no repeats or anything airing right now.  For shows with repeats I can see it in scheduled but it shows that it isn’t set to record any of them because it’s set to record new only.  My concern is when the next season starts up, it won’t start recording unless I go in a reschedule it.  Thanks!

@COglesby, good to see another Nashville area guy on board.   What you are seeing is correct.  If there isn’t an episode of a scheduled show in the next 14 days, the show won’t be visible on the scheduled tab. 

However, it still is there in memory (though apparently not accessible), and when episodes show up again, the show will be visible in the scheduled tab.  There is no need to set up again.  

TabloTV, it still would be nice to see all the shows that have scheduled, even if no episodes are on the 2-week listing.   I can understand the confusion this is causing.

@snowcat & @COglesby21 -

Scheduled but not airing episodes do show up on the iPad app under scheduled but not on the web app. Which apps were you using? 

I was using the Web app.

I just looked on my iPad, and I do see all my scheduled shows.  Another “inconsistently among platforms” issue. 

Indeed… We’re chipping away at removing/reducing these as much as possible. 

I was using the web app as well as I do not have an iPad.  I primarily watch on Roku but do all my planning/management in the web app.

Good to know it’s there and it’s on the radar to sync all platforms.


@snowcat - Glad to be on board.  I read the forums quite often before committing to the platform and your posts were very helpful in the decision making process.  Been on board almost 3 months now and haven’t missed my cable bill a single day!  And I should mention to @TabloTV, I absolutely love the product and have not had a single issue to date with my 2 tuner unit.

@COglesby21 - Glad to hear you’re loving your Tablo!