Question about networking

Is it possible to have your Tablo connected to your wifi network and have all your apple tv’s and fire tv’s wired with poe (power over ethernet)? I am using TP-Link powerline adapters. I am getting rid of my Zyxels as I think one of them was starting to fail and causing multiple issues on my network.

I connected the Tablo to my wifi network last night. I’d like to connect it back to my Orbi router. All I should need to do is plug in the ethernet cable, correct? Or is there some other procedure to follow when re-connecting to to your router.

I’d prefer to have the Tablo hardwired to my router instead of on the wifi. Everything is working right now,I just don’t want to tie up my wifi connection with media streaming of any sort if I don’t have to. With 22 devices on our home network, I want to keep the wifi as uncluttered as possible.

Yes, if your Tablo is currently connected over WiFi, power off the Tablo, connect it via Ethernet, then power the Tablo back on. It will connect to the router via Ethernet.

Thank you. I’ve noticed while watching tv while connected to WiFi some behavior I’ve not seen before. Weak signal messages, lost connections to Tablo or can’t find the Tablo. Tablo stops broadcasting and it takes a few minutes or tries to reconnect again.

I am guessing it’s because I am on my wifi network. I will reconnect the network cable in the morning tomorrow or another night. Nothing records during the day and I want to fix this so we don’t miss this is us. Bad night with the wife if that happens!

After replacing the powerline adapters, connectivity to plex seems snappier. So hopefully wiring it back to the router will stop these random disconnects.