Question about json metadata, can you determine "live" program from it?

Essentially like the title says.  Is there anything in the metadata, yours or TMS’s that can be used to determine if a program is “live” or not?

@cjcox - TMS will mark certain items as ‘live’, usually sports and events. This is how we enable the ‘extend live recordings’ option. 

Where is that found in the meta data?

@cjcox - Sorry, I’m not sure. I am not a coder by any stretch. I just know we get that info from TMS. 

@cjcox in the JSON response that gets provided for sports events, there appears to be a qualifier element which indicates if an event is live:

{“eventTitle”:“ACC Game of the Week: Teams TBA”,

@pundit, thank you!

This is what happens when you ask someone whose computer science education goes beyond QBASIC. :smiley:

If only TMS pushed that out for things like the nightly news, etc… oh well.

Reason?  Well, in SurLaTablo I do a 4 second offset of CC(subtitle) to video when converting to mp4.  That was just based on my own experiences with how fast the CC typist is… at least for Dallas Cowboy football.  But ideally, I’d like to do the offset for any live program just because there is such a delay for the typist.