Quality settings

I see the recommended record and live playback is 720 vs 1080. Of course I want the best picture possible in both examples.

What are some of the possible issues having it set to 1080 settings?

Buffering issues if your WiFi is not up to par with streaming at the higher bitrate.

Larger recordings at higher bitrate.

That’s all covered here:


If you’ve got a solid network, you should be able to run at full quality but you may want to consider other options depending on what your setup looks like.

I have been using 1080- 10 Mbps, 720@60fps, since the first of the year with my 65" 4K Lg TV with almost no issues. I have a 4T hard drive running a little over half full. The only performance issue is that several times I have decide to delete series with over 100 recorded episodes and that takes a little time. I have found it is better to let all the episodes to delete before switching to an old other task. When deleting one episode, you can request the delete and switch to an an other show while the deletion completes. Will an excessive amount of episodes being deleted, the results can be uncertain if you try to multitask.