Quad-Tuner fails during live TV...once a week...at the same time

An interesting phenomenon…for the past three weeks, my Quad-Tuner has failed at the same time on a Sunday evening. Right at about 810pm EST. All three weeks I’ve been watching 60 minutes on CBS after football ended. Two other channels are being recorded (PBS/FOX) beginning at 8pm.

The issue begins with 60 minutes going into a repeating 15 second-ish loop…even exiting out and going back into the channel repeats the same 15 seconds of video. Going to another channel (other than PBS/FOX) results in a few seconds of loading followed by exiting back out to the guide. I can join in the PBS/FOX recordings in progress.

The only way I can get it to return to normal is a unplug/plug reset of the Tablo.

I’m using:
Quad-Tuner Tablo…2.2.2 Firmware…on ethernet
720p recording setting
Roku3 on ethernet
Tablo Roku-Preview channel

It doesn’t seem to be a Roku issue. I’ve tried android and my other Rokus when the issue arises…and they also exhibit the same behavior.

Anyone else seen something similar? These weekly freezes are the only times I’ve had to do a reset.

If you will sign up to get the 2.2.5 beta your issue should be resolved. I was having similar issues and this resolved them

Okay, cool…I just wanted to put it out there in case it was an unknown and unfixed issue. I’ll hold pat with the public version. I’d rather not go to the beta version and put the WAF at risk. :smile:

I have had less bugs with the beta than with 2.2.2