Quad hdmi low signal fixed after rebooting


I have a weird issue I’m not sure how to solve. I went from a dual to quad hdmi and previously had great reception for a given channel using the dual. With the quad hdmi the signal is weaker and I assumed it was the 4 way split. However, I often get the weak signal error on that channel and when I reboot the machine, the channel is picture perfect. Is it because I use the guide and surf between multiple channels it gets weaker? I really don’t understand how it can go from unwatchable to perfect picture after a reboot.


I actually just reproduced the problem and filmed it. Sorry about dishwasher background noise and loud clicks of the remote. After a fresh reboot I tune to nbc and it works, then switch channels and come back to it and unwatchable.


Thanks for the video, this is helpful. Can you file a ticket with our support team with the same link? We’ll get a case started for you so that we can track it on our end.

Done. Thanks

Same thing happens if I scan for channels. After reboot the channels are clear, once I scan for new channels they become unwatchable. I can replicate this everytime. It only occurs for channels with lower signal strength to begin with. Must be something with handling of parallel signal streams

I wondered about this as in your video example when you switch back and the error is encountered, at that point I think you have all 4 tuners being used, correct? Have you tried just have 1 or 2 tuners in use before switching back to see if there is some clear threshold?

Depends on signal strength when testing, sometimes it can be changing only one channel. However, even if I open the tv later and nothing is recording and I tune directly to the channel, it’s low signal and can’t watch it. As soon as I reboot it’s fine, even if I use other tuners. Something on the tablo is not dealing with this properly