QUAD Available!


Roger all that, and thanks! Too bad that yet another venerable U.S. company got sucked-up by China…

So, since this amplifier appears to be out-of-stock EVERYWHERE (except one place!), should I jump on that one, even though it is $60 (like the one from Amazon), rather than the $45 list price (or $42.75 through a video-distribution company). Keep in mind that the $60 site is the ONLY place that has this NOW…

I am afraid it is becoming discontinued, and the distribution-channel is just leaking-out the remaining units. Although the CM site doesn’t say it is d/c.

Decisions, decisions.


There is another brand, just like the CM, almost identical, that other people use here and are quite happy. If someone else can chime in - I can’t recall the name but it is also excellent. I believe @theuser86 has it.


Is that the PCT ones that look almost like clones of the CMs?

Also, should I use Terminators on any unused outputs, or does it matter with a distro-amp?


Yup, PCT. I terminate my unused ports.




Now those ARE Chinese, LOL! :wink:

I figured as much with the Termination. Keeps the reflected-signal stuff down to a roar.


With all the chipsets and electronics being manufactured by Chinese firms, I wouldn’t be surprised that both the CM and PCT are identical inside! The same manufacturers supply all the distributers. You see that in all the Kodi boxes and iView type DVRs.


Yeah, I know how that goes. I’m an embedded Designer, and always look beyond the nameplate to find stuff that is actually the same guts… :wink:

Um, this Google search for the 8-port PCT proves quite illuminating as to why they seem so similar:


I have a RCA preamplifier at the antenna mast. Model is TVPRAMP1R.

And then a Winegard HDA-200 distribution amplifier just before the Tablo. Works well.


Cool, thanks. Wonder if Winegard has been sucked-up, too… (No need to wonder about
“The Company Formerly Known As RCA”, though, LOL!

My Antop came with its own 16 dB amp, which I will install right at the antenna output (since it is going to be indoors), and then a medium-length run (< 20 ft) to the place I am going to mount the Distro-Amp (which is fairly centrally-located), and then out to the individual “runs” to various rooms. I have a fairly “compact” house; so no one “run” from the Distro-Amp would be more than 20-25 ft, max.

Should this all be RG-6, too?


All RG6.

I’ll be interested to see how your Antop performs in the attic - keep us posted. I just recommended it to another friend and his HOA likes it. He’s going to put just under the eave on the wall.


Doesn’t matter what an “HOA thinks”. You can put ANYTHING up in the Air to receive OTA signals (up to 12 ft above your roofline) REGARDLESS of Zoning, HOAs, Tin-Gods, or whatever.

Federal Law says so. Other posters on this forum have cited the exact statute.

I will let you know how this all works, once I have it patched together, LOL!


He would have put it in the attic but the crawl space is so small… he figured he’d just nail it to the wall.


Mine has sufficient space. I may attach it to my outside back wall; but I think it will do just fine in the attic. It’s actually a little bit of overkill for my location (Indianapolis); but I didn’t want to mess with multiple iterations of antenna-selection, nor did I want a giant Yagi up on the roof (plus I didn’t need that much antenna-gain).

By the way, it may be that Channel Master was going to DISTRIBUTE the PCT Amplifiers. I can’t find any real reference to them on the CM site, despite several Google references to exact webpage addresses on channelmaster.com.

Even more weirdness.

Gonna have to cut this short. Sitting at work, and want to go home!!!

Thanks to you and theuser86 for all your excellent and intelligent advice!!!


Psssst… https://us-store.tablotv.com/


Missed out again, quad out of stock. I noticed the quad bundle isn’t even showing as sold out anymore. It’s been totally removed. Will it be available again or is the bundle no longer going to be an option?


I thought somewhere, in one of the quad threads, tablo indicated that ordering a unit with a pre-installed disk was dependent on availability of reasonably priced disk.


Ordered a 2 tb wild blue on Monday 3/82019 and got it in 2days even though I do not have the fast shipping account. The price was $82.95


The disks aren’t actually preinstalled. They are in the overpack box with the Tablo box, but they’re loose drives.


As long as they are new and not renewed, that makes it easy for the manufacturing plant in China to toss available disks in the tablo packaging.


Are you planning a bundle option again? How can I pre-order? Your website says sold out and won’t let me order…