QUAD Available!


That must have been something that was changed with the Dual Lites. I have both an original 2 tuner and a Dual Lite, and the original recommends 720 - 5 Mbps while the Dual Lite is 720 - 3 Mbps.

I run both at the highest settings with no problems, so I would take the recommendation with a grain of salt.


I have a dual 64 and it’s still 720 - 5 Mbps. But wasn’t the lite the first model to switch over to the new xcode 5116 processor.


It did indeed as the recommended quality for Cloud DVR is 3 Mbps.

The QUAD will show the proper 5 Mbps recommended quality once updated to 2.2.26.


Didn’t know this. So what happens to the 4th recording if you have the settings at Max? Will it not record or will it just lower the quality on the 4th recording?


It wouldn’t record the 4th recording if the 4th is starting after the other 3 shows and yes if you have 3 tuners each recording at 720p 60 fps. I doubt this happens frequently as not all channels are 720p.

If this becomes at issue for you, lower the recording quality to 1080p 8 Mbps.

From the link below, if you have 4 recordings going to start at the same time then the 4th will record at 30 fps not 60.

“In order to preserve image quality across streams, Tablo’s fourth tuner will be temporarily disabled if any 720p stations are being recorded at 60 fps. This is true ONLY for 4-tuner Tablo DVRs using the HD1080 – 10Mbps, 720@60fps recording quality.

If a tuner cannot be reserved, (i.e, if four recordings are occurring at once), Tablo will automatically record the last scheduled airing at 30fps instead of 60fps.”

Read this:


Thank you @theuser86 for the explanation. To clarify, it is also dependent on the source channel resolution as well as the recording quality setting? In other words, if I am recording at Max quality, but I am recording 1080i channels, then this limitation wouldn’t apply? It would only apply if three 1080p or 720p shows were being recorded simultaneously?


I ordered a Tablo QUAD on March 29th received a shipping notification with a tracking number that same day and still have not received it nor has my tracking been updated and not getting much help from Tablo support. Any advice?



Yes if the source channel is 1080i 30 fps then it will record at 1080p 30 fps at the maximum recording quality setting. If you have 3 recordings from 1080i channels then this wouldn’t reserve a 4th tuner. 1080i 30 fps source is not converted tp 720p 60 fps.

There is no source 1080p for OTA HDTV. It is 1080i or 720p.


Contact the shipper


Great info, thanks. Most of my stations are 1080i so I don’t think I have much to worry about.


You could also just set the RQ to 1080p 8 Mbps instead of 1080p 10 Mbps. You likely won’t notice the quality difference.


The tracking number was sent to me by Tablo and when I try to open a Canada Post ticket I get the error below. To me this looks like it was never shipped.

  • We are unable to proceed with your Service Ticket. A shipping label has been generated but the item has not been received by Canada Post. Check back in Track for further updates.


I’m kind of a quality freak. I can already tell the difference between the straight OTA broadcast and the Tablo stream. I’m afraid my OCD might not allow me to lower it :).

If I run into issues with tuner availability then that might be a required step. So far that hasn’t been an issue thankfully.

That does beg the question though. If I did find myself in this situation with the 3 tuners being maxed out, would Tablo alert any show conflicts? Or, would the 4th show just not record without any warning? In a perfect world I would rather Tablo just reduce the recording quality temporarily for that 4th recording on an as needed basis.


If you have 4 recordings starting at the same time then it will reduce the quality to allow 4 recordings at once.


Looking into this for you now. Super weird!


Ok you must of done something because all of a sudden the same tracking number finally has activitiy and is showing it will be delievered today.




Yep - our shipping team got everything sorted out today. Sorry for the delay! We hope you enjoy your new Tablo!


Some video-nerd friends of mine say that, all things considered, 720p is generally better quality than 1080i, anyway.

Another thing: If the actual frame rate (not 1/2 frame for Interleaved formats) is still 29.97 (30) fps, then what is the advantage of recording at 60 fps? Aren’t you just providing the TV with twice as much information as the original source material?


Some 720p shows (mostly sports) are broadcast at 60fps, so that is the advantage.


Good thing I don’t like sports, then! :grinning: