QUAD Availability Queue?


I know this question has been raised before; but it bears repeating: Is there any way to get on a “notification list” for the seems-perpetually-out-of-stock Tablo QUAD?

At this point, I have to ask: What is the holdup?

  1. Some critical component (Microcontroller/SoC?) on Allocation?

  2. Agency Approval issues in the U.S./Canada? (I am in the U.S.)

  3. Firmware issues?

  4. Hardware Revision in process, perhaps waiting for Agency approvals?

  5. Inability of Nuvyyo to fork out enough cash to pay for the next CM build of Tablo QUADs?

  6. Nuvyyo creating an “artificial shortage” in order to blow-out existing stockpiles of other models?

  7. Other?

the Tablo QUAD is the last “building block” in my personal Cord-Cutting Project, and I REALLY don’t want to be forced into considering a Silicon Dust or (shudder!) TiVO alternative, and I’m SURE many thousands of potential purchasers/subscribers are chomping at the bit right along with me…

Many small businesses go down the drain with an “inbox” stuffed-FULL of unfilled Customer Orders due to simple bad-timing and/or cash-flow problems…

Please, let us in on the secret: What’s up with QUAD (un)availabilty?


100% other.

We just didn’t anticipate the volume of interest in the QUAD.

We based our build projections on previous product launches and QUAD just blew them all out of the water by a country mile.

Our first two shipments sold out in less than 12 hours.

We’ve ramped up production, but lead-times are 6-8 weeks at best which means our next shipments won’t arrive until mid-to-late May.


You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter. As soon as we’re stocked up, we’ll post about it.

A potentially more delayed option is to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Since it goes out on Fridays, and stock might show up on a Tuesday, you may not get the update fast enough for your taste that way.


I ordered from Amazon on 4/24, received on 4/26. Amazon is now quoting 6/7 to 7/8 for delivery on orders entered today. If you buy from Amazon, they will ship when they have stock, no need to monitor other sources.


Also true!

(And they finally have the correct price!)

Their ETAs are probably a bit off because they’re waiting on us to fulfill some wholesale orders as we wait for stock to arrive in our warehouse.


I am an anti-social media luddite. Sorry. Not sorry.

If you can post about it on Farcebook or Twaddle, then you can post about it at the same time on your site. And if you can maintain an email list for your “Newsletter”, then you can maintain a “Notify me when available” mailing list as well.

Keep in mind that a significant portion of your target market (over 40 y.o. homeowners) is old enough to NOT consider having a Social Media account an essential part of living.

Please consider a mailing list like I described. The last time the QUAD was available, it was “in” and “out” of stock in about 24 hours. If that is to be the normal situation for the QUAD, then no “Weekly Newsletter” is going to be fast-enough to inform potential customers.

MANY companies with “Newsletters”, “Twitter Feeds” and “Facebook Pages” ALSO have Product-Specific “Notify me when available” Email Lists. Why can’t Nuvyyo? This situation with the QUAD has gone on for MONTHS now. I GUARANTEE you are bleeding potential customers DAILY with this. Take a look at your web logs. See how many people are coming to the site, visiting the QUAD Product Page, then immediately LEAVING. That’s your indication of how many people are getting more and more frustrated by the day. And there isn’t even an “Expected Date” (which I am pretty sure your Purchasing Department knows…) Why not? That’s another thing that makes people wonder if there is some underlying reason for lack-of-stock for this long.

And it’s not a matter of your weekly “Newsletter” not being fast-enough for my “taste”; it’s a matter of timely reporting. Disappoint potential customers enough times and they WILL “vote with their feet”…

Not EVERYONE has FB or Twitter. Assume that at your peril.


absolutely! I completely agree with your views

Although I share much of your rant view, not all. This last line, really, as that stated:

Assume the risk at your peril.


I understand. But I also believe that, in this day and age, it is just as incumbent on the vendor to use every available avenue to communicate with its customer-base, both present, and to some extent, even more importantly, future.