QAM Support Update

Hello Tablo…

Is there any update on the update to add QAM support when linked with a compatible SiliconDust product?

It’s been quite a few months since it was last updated so hoping this might be coming soon.

Thanks much,

This is what Tablo posted 12 days ago:

Both us and HDHomeRun have some other more pressing irons in the fire so we haven’t really had time to go further down this road.

Never say never, but it’s not something we’re actively working on at the moment.

Please remember that more cable companies are scrambling the qam signal every so often. So even if tablo were able to and had the resources to add such support you might find that you cannot use it

And this is the reason why…

FCC Rules To Make It Harder To Get Cable Channels Without A Cable Box

The FCC thing was actually written into law long ago. Congress said that cable providers had to leave the signal unscrambled for local channels until 70% of the US had access to cable and 70% of those with access had cable. The threshold was hit a while ago. The FCC just made it official recently (relatively speaking).

Interesting though…if cable subscriptions drop below 70% of 70% would they have to unscramble the signal? As I understand with the exception of some recent quarters subscriptions have been dropping. If a competent real internet TV provider came out (one like sling TV but without the forced packages…the initial package of $20 includes costly ESPN…that I could care less about) I could see cable subscriptions dropping again. Perhaps a lot. Certainly tablo and the new tvio deal with the roamio thing “could” eventually hurt cable enough…or whatever the next gen home DVR thing is.