PSA: Adjust Sunday 12/6 prime time manually

President Obama will be giving an address tonight from the Oval Office starting around 8p/est.

I think this will bump back all prime time programs (at least 10-15 minutes per npr news)

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Glad this doesn’t affect the sub-channels which is where I do most of my recording. Now if he invaded the sub-channels…

I had to search how to set up a manual recording…found this link from snowcat

Thanks. I wish they had a channel just for him. The time that he speaks isn’t the only thing. The news media will spend at least an additional 15 minutes repeating what he just said or asking retired generals about it. Glad I record mostly subs, which for now are INVASION FREE ZONES.

New feature idea: Political filter. Any presidential addresses, political talk shows, or divisive rhetoric gets automatically blacked out.

But I need my daily dose of angst.