PS VUE now available on Web

Playstation Vue is now available on your PC / Mac using a web browser. Go to

Thanks to Cordcutters for the email.

It doesn’t work using Fire Fox on my Lenovo 100S but works perfect using Internet Explorer.

Another Plus for PS Vue. No app required and works on my Lenovo 100S.

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Nice! Thanks for the heads up.

Appreciate the heads-up… been waiting for that.

Only bad thing is it is cirrently limited to home.

I think my android phone has restrictions on some chacnnels as well, but even with the home restriction, it’s it’s still useful for me. They must be worried about account sharing to have these restrictions.

I thought android phone had restrictions. To fix:
Put android phone in wifi
Log out of ps vue
Log in again.
Don’t log out.
Some shows are restricted but not channels. You can use Playstation Vue to valudate apps to use Watch_____ apps, FXGO, TVLand Everywhere, etc.

I’m pretty sure I did that, but will give it another try. Alrady using the PS Vue login on a few Roku apps.