PS Vue available AndroidTV Today

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Still no Apple TV. LAME

Finally… I’ll see if I can load it up on my Nexus Player… looking forward to being able to watch on my PC.

I just installed it on one of my Sony Android TVs. Works fine. :grinning:

Finally had a chance to load it on the Nexus Player… it works!

Still doing 2 free months of sling. Waiting to see what DirectTV now brings. PSVue has Longhorn Network but requires channel apps / tveverywhere to watch remotely while Sling lets you use Sling to watch remotely.

Decided to try PS Vue on AndroidTV. It is much better than the crippled Roku. It has a channel guide, just like the FireTV version does.

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Yeah, the channel guide is one big difference from Roku, but on my Nexus Player, there’s a fair bit of lag.

This app is amazing, much better than SlingTV. I will admit it runs much more smoothly on the Shield TV compared to the MiBox but I expected that.

What cable modem do you have and what kind of internet? Unlike Tablo, both of these make a big difference in PS Vue. I have Arris SB6190 cable modem and paying for 100 down. I have TP Link Archer C7 router. Watching on Mi box.

“Good bye Sling, you’ve got to go me oh my o”
After my free 2 months, sling is gone. They won’t get Longhorn Network and I like the EPG on PS Vue.

@TabloTV PS Vue method of EPG is an idea for Tablo improvement.

I’ve got the SB6183 modem, and the TP Link Archer C7, and my internet downspeed connection is a measured 150 Mbps… Nexus Player is on 5 GHz Wi-Fi. I may do a reboot on my NP and try again. The guide is a nice feature to have.

SB6183 is only 16 channels vs 32 sb6190 had (but only using 24). I investigated prior to replacing my Zoom 5341J.

For me, the SB6183 was the more cost effective choice, given the service I have and what might be on the horizon with my ISP… I anticipate that it will hold me for the next few years at a minimum (My old SB6120 was in service for 6 years) and then, if warranted, will update to DOCSIS 3.1 or better. Yes, the SB6190 is better, but I’d be paying for capability I don’t need.

Had COX not bumped my speed from 100 to 150 Mbps (a free upgrade) I’d probably still be using my SB6120, which maxed out at about 120 Mbps or so for me. The 6183 was on sale, and an easy upgrade to get the extra speed. The only downside is that my older laptop can’t take advantage of the speed (it doesn’t work on my 5 GHz network) and my Surface Pro 4 has been inconsistent in its ability to use that network, but when it does, I see almost full speed.

Still not an interesting service for me. I’m waiting for someone to offer a bundle without the expensive sports (ESPN) channels I never watch. Part of the reason I cut the cord in the first place. I don’t want to have to pay for content I don’t want in order to get the stuff I do.

Maybe one day we’ll see a true ala carte service, where you can put together your own package, paying so much per channel. Until then, PS Vue or SlingTV isn’t a horrible option for the handful of channels I want to get.

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In case this happens to anyone… for some reason, PS Vue was unable to make the monthly charge to my credit card yesterday afternoon and my service was shut off. I know the card is good because I used it that morning. Anyway, I input another card and still couldn’t access, so after unsuccessfully trying to see if I could get them on the phone, I initiated an online chat. Half an hour later, they were unable to help. It should have been a simple matter to charge the card and get me going again, but they couldn’t do that. I told the agent that I’d figure it out, and if worse comes to worse, I’d cancel my account and recreate a new one.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I finally figured out what I needed to do, and that was, after signing in to my account, simply add the level of service I had to my cart. That triggered a transfer of funds from my card to my “wallet” and then I was good to go. Other than my living room TV where I had unsuccessfully tried to activate on a Roku, all other devices (Roku, android) all worked normally with no need to reactivate.

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I tried this morning and the guide in the PS Vue Android app is a lot more fluid. Could be my ISP was having issues when I first tried it.

PS Vue on Android phone
If you SIGN OUT of the PS Vue app on your
Android phone (if you signed into it), then connect to your home WiFi.
Then sign into PS Vue, and don’t sign out you can switch to T0Mobile or
whatever and watch using the PS Vue App. I stand corrected. Thank you.

Why did Sony make that requirement or email that information
automatically when they see the app installed on the phone? Glad it
works and lots of apps for each station are NOT NEEDED.
Still need
to wait and see what will win for me between PS Vue and Direct TV Now.
Once channels are known, I’ll know. I do want the Longhorn Network, and
the EPG, so I know Sling is being canceled by me.