Proximity to Antenna or Modem/Router?

After quite a bit of experimenting to setup my own 4 tuner and a friend’s in a different market, my recommendations:

  • Forget WiFi for the Tablo; a wired ethernet to the Tablo is a necessity regardless of actual distance to router (assuming you are using decent Cat 5 cable)
  • (it is OK to have the client/streamers on WiFi) …
  • I also recommend using DHCP Reservation on your router (i.e., statically assigned DHCP IP address so the Tablo gets the same IP every time)
  • You want the Tablo as close as possible to the antenna
  • If you can’t put the Tablo within 10 ft from the antenna (and who can?), you have to invest in good, clean antenna amplifiers as close as possible to the antenna, to boost signal. This gives you more flexibility in distance between Tablo and antenna, in case you are constrained by the ethernet to the router.
  • The savior for my friend (crappy & inconsistent signal, tall trees, 40+ miles from nearest tower) was the Winegard LNA 200 mounted directly to antenna mast (i.e., <18 inch RG6 run) + another amplifier inside that came with a different antenna we had tried (small RCA “dorsal fin” looking antenna)
  • BTW, we tried at least 8 different antennas
  • With this setup we were able to go from approx 17 channels to 40++ channels in their market

Bottomline do whatever it takes in your scenario to: 1) Use wired ethernet to the Tablo, and 2) Boost antenna signal as close as possible to the antenna which 3) Will give you some flexibility in Tablo distance to antenna.

lol @villaininblack “NSA Surveillance Van” SSID and Walter White avatar

Edit: Added DHCP Reservation suggestion

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I use wireless for my Tablo’s and typically do not have any issues :wink:

You shouldn’t just say that without the caveat of what router you’re using :stuck_out_tongue:

Apple Extreme… :wink:

Likewise but my Tablo is close to my indoor Mohu Leaf. Router us in the living room so WiFi unless I want cat 5 along baseboard. If I get problems I might try moving cable modem and router to bedroom too.

Linksys EA-3500 also no problems wireless for all devices. Some on 5 GHz and some on 2.5 GHz