Protect All Feature

Does this protect all records of the same show name or just the one you selected at the time?

If the later, can we get an ‘All’ button for this please?

It is per episode.

With today’s hard drives, space really shouldn’t be an issue. I can see the usefulness of a “Protect All” for a series, but the Tablo interface is notoriously difficult to change, so I it may take a long while before anything is done.

I’d really like a “Protect Series” option. My family has a 4-tuner with a 1TB HDD attached, and we’ve already filled it several times. I then have to go in and manually delete individual recordings which is a massive pain since there’s no bulk management tools. I can’t trust the auto-delete feature not to delete something important so I can’t use it.

Check out the delete options on the Chrome program.