Proposal for Three Tablo-Supported Performance-Reporting Threads

IMHO, too many cooks spoil the soup. If I were with Tablo support I would go nuts trying to respond to so many users in so many threads.

I suggest Tablo start three performance-reporting threads that will ultimately benefit every one. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Data only; no flaming.

Tablo will suggest at the start of the thread what items to report (Tablo type; media player type(s); network type; etc.) and a spot to list specific performance issues. Then we can all be able to compare our setups systematically with others and then might be able to change Ugly to Bad, or perhaps Bad to Good.


Good: Virtually no performance issues or only minor issues.

Bad: System works well enough to view recordings but some severe issues like “Loading-Please wait” or cannot play hi-res recordings, or Chrome not working, etc. (I would post here)

Ugly: Basically a hosed system. Nothing works.

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Two to three hundred people gathering in a public square to protest something makes the news. But in a population of 300 million, what is a crowd of 200? It is difficult to gauge how problematic the Tablo is since a handful of voices can dominate a forum.

I’ve had the Tablo for a few months without any problems. One wonders how many users there are like me?

The other issue with rants is that one never knows whether the complainer is sincere. Several years ago, at another forum, it was discovered that a poster with a “serious” problem was actually a staff member of a competing product who pretended to be a sincere user of this particular product.

An even more practical idea would be to have a general area, a users area and a beta testers area. The beta testers area is there already, so just divide up this area in two. The general area would be for anyone registered to the forum, the user area would be anyone registered with their tablo MAC address.

As CraigRoyce mentioned, what is there to stop a make believe user from creating havoc for fun or profit?