Progress bar covers closed caption when pause

I like the Tablo TV a lot. The only thing I want it to improve is the player. The progress bar covers closed caption and makes it unreadable when you pause the play.

Closed caption is a very important feature to me. It is even more important when I try to pause the play and read it clearly. But it was covered by the annoying progress bar.

Could you move ether the bar or the caption a little bit?

I use Fire TV App FYI.


  1. How do you even remember your username? Very long!
  2. Have you tried both the OG Tablo app and the new Tablo Preview app on the Fire TV? There are 2 apps for the Fire TV.

I believe the progress bar, when paused, disappears after a few seconds.
Also, I’ll test this out later, I believe you can make the progress bar disappear sooner, if you press the go back button.

[theuser86]: I am talking about Tablo Preview app. Just like [Radojevic] said, for OG Tablo app, the progress bar disappears after a few seconds when paused.

For an easy solution, just make the progress bar transparent will work well.

Thank you very much, [Radojevic].

Just like you said, I tested it out, the progress bar disappears when you press the go back button.

So no fix is needed. Just record this as documentation.

Thanks again, I am happy now.

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