Program schedule out more than two days in coming update?

Will the coming update show more days in the program listings? Right now it only goes to tomorrow but I’m looking for something this Thursday. Do I have to wait until Wednesday? It’s the GOP debates on Thursday night.

Edit: I know the guide data goes out further but I can’t find it looking through the listing.

You can use the search function. Click on the Primetime or TV Shows section.

Yes but I search for GOP, Republican or debate and nothing comes up. Same thing happened sometime ago when I searched for Golden Globes. It’s not Globes it’s Globe (it ought to be a bit smarter than that). That’s why I want the listings so I can look at Thursday evening and find it.

Maybe news special, or group sponsoring the debate. @TabloSupport THAT is the problem for finding shows - you have to know the exact name and if word is abbreviated or left off, it will NOT find it as @thusband said. But if the whole 2 weeks schedule is there, the guide will take longer to populate

IF you know the time, you could always schedule it manually.

iv’e tried to search and record the debates also and i’ve tried everything mentioned above pluss more and i’ve not had success either. TABLO needs to work on this and FIX it.

These debates are on Fox News, and therefore not on the Tablo. Please don’t blame the Tablo if you can’t find a show that is only on satellite/cable.

I just looked at and selected this coming Thursday. I tried searching at TitanTV for GOP Debate and could only find previews and recaps. Perhaps the debates are not going to be on an OTA channel, if they are on TV at all. TitanTV usually has changes faster than @TabloTV data provider. I’ve used information from TitanTV to set up a manual recording on my Tablo. TitanTV only searches the channels you have in your line up, and the only “cable channels” I have in my lineup are BYUTV, EWTN, and Catholic TV, all of which have STREAMING live channels, that I can watch on my computer or Roku. Since I don’t have FOX NEWS on the lineup, it was not found. Thank you @snowcat for saying where the debate is.

EDIT: BYUTV often has movies, and on August 5 an excellent movie based on a true story repeats, called “1000 To 1” and is on at 8:00 PM Central time, in addition to other times. see for the movie description.

Thanks @snowcat, my bad I guess. I went to the local Fox affiliate’s website here and couldn’t see it in their schedule. I guess I’ll catch it on the web.

No problem. and are good places to look up shows.