Program listing dropout

Is anyone having this annoying thing happen? When you scroll through your live program listings each time you scroll up or down the words are replaced with a herringbone pattern for a couple seconds… Then your list comes back… Very annoying when your trying to skim you listings… any cure?

Which client? I think I know what you’re talking about, and this is just Tablo filling in the blanks dynamically. I think I see this on Roku, but not using Chrome/Firefox.

There are no blanks to fill in… When you go up or down the Tablo live list immediately comes up complete but a second later it drops out… Then when it comes back nothing has changed… Very annoying.

Again, client? (just asking for everyone)

I do not understand your query “client?” I am a Tablo subscriber…

I think @cjcox is asking how you’re accessing your Tablo. Via a Roku? FireTV? Android App? Windows PC? etc.

Or possibly you have a Tablo HDMI unit?

It’s an HDMI Quad Tablo…