Program Guide Only Shows today and tomorrow

Is the Tablo program guide actually 1 day of data. Mine runs out after 24 hours. Tried to schedule an event tomorrow night at 9PM (presidential primary debate) and the guide ends at 8:30PM tomorrow on both Roku Preview app and iPad. How do I get beyond tomorrow?


The Presidential Primary debate is just on Fox News, so you won’t see it on your Tablo anyway.

The live TV page is only 24 hours, but the other pages have 2 weeks of data (more like 12 or 13 days, but that is another subject). You would just do a search.

Thank you !

Never used the grid before and just assumed it would be populated beyond one day ahead. Thanks for clarifying !

You’re welcome. You certainly aren’t the only one to wonder about that.

It is apparently done like that (just 24 hours in the guide) for performance reasons.

And here’s another bit :frowning:

Disappointing !! What a surefire way to alienate the over age 65 cheapskate cord cutters like me !!!

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Craziest part … We’ve got an election happening up here and tonight’s debate is being live streamed and it’s on OTA!

This is no shocker. Fox Networks have made it perfectly clear that their goal is to focus on bringing value to cable subscribers in order to maintain them as cable subscribers. One day, they will have to re-evaluate this strategy, and when they do, they will likely find themselves way behind the pack. But today, I would expect nothing less from Fox News.