Program Guide is Not Visible - Resolved

I have not been able to get my Tablo to show program guide data either using the Web based interface or the Tablo application on my two Apple TV 4 HDs. I have reloaded channels, refreshed the channel guide, etc., etc. If I go and look at things like the “TV Shows” section, I see nothing. I’ve rebooted and rescanned several times without success. I even did a factory reset this morning and started “clean”, yet I continue to have this issue.

I would clarify that nothing, that is, nothing including the channel list appears in the program guide. It’s just a blank blue screen.

I’ve opened a ticket, but I figured I might post here and see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem. This is just one of several problems I’ve had with this device since I bought it a few weeks ago. If things don’t improve I’ll be returning it and sharing my experiences with my cord cutting friends, for sure…

I assume you have already checked the settings page to see if your subscription is active?

Yes, it is. And I’ve refreshed it several times.

Sorry you’re running into this.

In this section in your settings, when does it say your last update was? It should have been in the last 24 hours, especially if you did a full factory reset.


When you did the reset, did you change your location (zip code) in the Tablo app?

Guide status is current, I updated it as soon as I went through the setup process, and I did not change my ZIP code but used the same ZIP I have previously.

Again, note that I don’t even see the channel numbers/descriptions at the left of the screen - it’s just a blank blue screen.

And I just checked it on my iPhone and I’m seeing the guide in “Live TV”, however, the “Prime Time”, “TV Shows”, “Movies” and “Sports” sections under the “All” tab are blank. That’s both in the web interface and on the iPhone.

What do things look like on the Apple TV? Same? Different?

I’ve passed this thread along to support to see if they have any ideas.

Just checked - on the Apple TV I’m getting the guide, however, nothing is populating under the “TV Shows” or “Prime Time” - but - there is content under the “Movies” and “Sports” sections. These are all being accessed under the “All” tab, I would add.

In Safari I get a list of channels in the guide, but no programming. On the same computer using Chrome I get a blue screen, no channel list.

Thanks for the details - I’ve passed this on to our support team and they should be in touch shortly!

Thanks! I’m available for a remote session if necessary.

Spoke with Matthew in Tablo support and got the issue resolved. Seemed that the Tablo was picking up a backup file from my hard drive and trying to apply that, which corrupted the internal database. He formatted my hard drive and did a factory reset, then waited patiently while I went through the setup process again.

Looks like all is well so far.

Thanks, Matthew!

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FYI - I had a very similar issue last night. I think it happened when I did a re-scan. Apple TV 4 UHD, MacBook, iPad - most everything was blank and showed up like you described. And on most devices, like the Apple TV, I had a normal (and visible) Active Channel list.

But on one device the Active Channel list was blank. Once I did a channel re-scan, using this same device, all started working A-OK.

I don’t know quite what happened or why this fixed it…

Did you do the first channel scan on the Apple TV too?

Yes - exactly! Known issue?

Not yet… but definitely something we’ll be taking a closer look at.

UPDATE - So we did manage to re-create the issue @jonM ran into which seems different than what was happening with @LWB250s unit. It requires a fairly uncommon set of circumstances to occur. The good news is that it will be fixed in the next firmware update. In the meantime, if someone else runs into this, completing a fresh channel scan at least 4 hours after the previous scan should resolve it. If you need an immediate resolution, try temporarily swapping your Tablo’s location to a nearby zip code for that 4-hour window.

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There are other issues with the Apple TV. Should I list them here or start a new thread? (I don’t want to hijack @LWB250 thread anymore then I already have)

@JonM - Feel free to send me a DM with your list.